Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been a bit cranky. I was conversing with a friend of mine about blogs and writing and suddenly remembered that I have one. I also recalled a particular promise that I had made that required me to write something new every day. It is quite heart-rending to see that I have, in fact, only written 18, measly entries…peh!! 18 posts is hardly a methodical collection of my thoughts and ramblings. Siiiighhhh. I really hoped that this would be the year that I would have intensely recorded all of my outlandish and indiscriminate contemplations of life.

In other news;

- I re-watched ‘Chocolat’…I am pretty much in love with that movie. (Johnny Depp….Swoooooon) It's up there with Crybaby and Edward Scissorhands...and that is saying something.

I saw (at least half) of the Biennale. Loved exploring Cockatoo Island and the free ferry ride on the harbour….but I do not think the exhibition was up to the standard of last years. I was too busy missing the controversy of Mike Parr’s anthology and the intrigue of Yoko Ono’s work “Telephone” (A phone that would randomly start ringing during one day of the exhibition. The lucky recipient would get to ask Yoko a question of their choice. How I wished that were me. I think I purposely hung around that artwork for an extra half an hour just in case so I could make an easy dive for the receiver.)

Highlights of the exhibition this year, however, were works by Bill Viola, Yayoi Kusuma (any exhibit is good if she is involved as far as I am concerned) Jota Castro, AES+F, Jake and Dinos Chapman (Charming sculptures made entirely out of cardboard) Annie Pootoogook and Penny Siopis (Amazing textural, feast using liquid paint and viscous glue in flesh-inspired tones.)

NAAAAWWWW... some recent pics.

(click to view full size)

My friends drove all the way from college to see me out in the sticks, A.K.A; my semi-isolated, country house. My friends (Jenny, Jade and Pulu) are really quite lovely people. We were quite busy during their visit. ...
Lots of booze, playstation, adventures, butterflies, mud, sleeping, exploring, eating, dancing on the lawn to shameful-pop music, more booze and the best home made curry I have had in a long time.

I cannot fathom my incessant adoration for the new Operator Please album.
I like it a lot. It is called Gloves and it reminds me of Culture Club mixed with La Roux and Kate Nash.

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