Sunday, October 3, 2010


hello. ..

i do like a bit of online shopping from time to time.. .
Actually, truth be told, this year it has kind of turned into my weakness.
After moving to a semi-isolated country town I have spent quite some time shopping online as a way to compensate my distance from civilization.
At first, it was kind of harmless fun...sort of a gimmick...looking through pages of clothes and pretty things and then logging off and walking away. Easy.
I started thinking about the things I had seen.
Patent Doc Martens.!!Subtitled stripe tee.!!American Apparel cardigan.!! I couldn't stop. I was shamefully addicted.
With this realization came more urges.
I would start reasoning with myself;
"Maybe if i just buy that one's only 30 bucks...on sale too. But I will definitely need that blazer to wear with it...oh, and that trilby hat...45 bucks...but it's transitional-season."

These sporadic purchases ended up leaving quite a large and substantial hole in my pocket which, in time made me realize that this 'little habit' was potentially dangerous for a girl who still doesn't have regular paychecks.

So I decided that, rather than going completely cold turkey I would put my efforts into a clothing-ensemble-style-wishlist. I had seen such posts on an AHHHmmMAZIiiinngly GOOD fashion blog belonging to none other than, the fabulous MESSYCARLA. (

Basically, my plan is to put my energy into something creative, i.e; this blog...and hopefully warn off all temptations to shop online.

I really hate that i have spent a whole post talking about probably makes me sound like some stuck up, airhead who has nothing interesting to say besides raving about the new polka dot, boob tube in the store window of Supre.

With that said, here is my first wishlist look. I am a big fan of all things Rockabilly...(I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have stemmed from an obsession of the Crybaby movie starring Ricki Lake and Johnny 'dreamboat' Depp.)

(Note: I do not claim to own any of the following images.)

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  1. good god. everything in this wishlist..WANT!