Friday, November 5, 2010



last saturday was (most likely) my favourite day of 2010.

But the story actually begins on Friday. ..

I woke up at 6:34 to my shrill-like alarm...( i know this because i never set my alarm for right on 6:30..i like to think i have those few extra minutes for slumbering purposes.) I reluctantly got ready for another day at the local high-school (where i work 2.5 days a week) and sat down at my dresser (also doubling as my computer desk) and switched on my computer. 7.45. Damn. I have to leave soon. Oh well, five more minutes. Facebook. American Apparel. Facebook. Should I check my emails?? 8:05. Shit. I'm going to be late. Gmail. Spam. Crap. Spam.. ..WAIT. What is this?!! Art series group?!! I've WON what?!!

I"VE FUCKING WON...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i was dancing around my bedroom, half dressed, making high-pitched squeals that could be compared to that of a deranged piglet, when a serious thought occurred to me.
WAIT. The email said Saturday. THIS SATURDAY. .............T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W. !!

Oh God.

During the next five minutes i thought up a rather convincing, mental list of all the reasons why i simply could not go on the impromptu adventure.
And then; like as if i had been programmed by some fate-driven, robotic apparition from the future ...i started dialing a number.

.......Sange? It's Emma. I can't believe it, but i think I'm coming to see you tomorrow.

So that was it. i was going.
I asked my friend Alyssa in a moment of complete spontaneity to come along and she straight-forwardly, obliged.

Off to Melbourne the next day, early flight..(8:30...eek!!) and arrived all wide-eyed (and a bit off the planet) yet ready for the exciting day to unfold. :)

Soon after we arrived we were met by my extremely LOVELY friend Sange and her bf, Feb.

We drove to the city, chatting and feeding off an indescribable energy that seemed to be surging through us all simultaneously.

So we wandered down a few streets and then found ourselves at this adorable, European-esque, lane-way that resembled something from a independent, french film.
We had lunch and chatted and had ourselves a glorious time. However, i could not help the small, niggling feeling that made it difficult to contain my anticipation about the next few hours.

After lunch, the rain was well and truly pouring, but we still managed to get a quick look at the city and some of the shops. It was all a bit drool-worthy, really.
We checked out the new Stella McCartney range at Target, it was apparently supposed to be a big deal, but i was a little bit appalled at the un-ignorable, mass-produced aspect to the whole set up. It was frankly a bit disappointing. Next, we went to Dangerfield and Sportsgirl, and then Sange showed us her favourite, japanese shop, Pink. There were so many things I could have splurged on, it was a bit unbelievable...but i implemented my self-control and just bought some earrings.
The rest of the time was spent taking photos of graffiti and advising Lys not to buy some plastic, novelty (yet hilarious) fruit, key-chains. LOL.

Two o'clock rolled around, which meant checking into the hotel.
We drove to St Kilda in the bucketing down rain, and finally found the place thanks to Feb's handy GPS. We got out of the car and nearly drowned!! It had been raining so much and the water in the gutter was past my ankle and now I had my very own puddle in the bottom of my doc marten. We had to leap across a large pool of water to get to the right side of the road. We got across with a few strategic strides and bounded up the stairs into the entrance way of the hotel. I was overwhelmed with happiness by just the entrance way. The Foyer wall was filled with an array of Charles Blackman works.
I could have stood there all day looking at them. AHHHHMAZING.

We got to our room and nearly died. It was beautiful. The whole place was.
It was so new and sooooo pretty. It was roughly themed around Alice in Wonderland (a collection of works done by Blackman in the 50's.) There were adorable details all around the hotel, perspex rabbits on the skirting boards, throne-like chairs, an etched alice on our glass, bathroom door, and a melting coat rack.

Then we took some more photos in our room and said our goodbyes to Sange and Feb.
We spent the next hour in our fabulous room and got ready to meet Bertie.
I was slightly shitting myself. HAHA.

At 5pm, we went down to meet Liz (one of the Art Series Repz) and she was incredibly nice. We then went back upstairs to meet Bertie in her own room. We stood in the hall way for a few minutes and we heard some music coming from inside.
When she opened the door I tried so hard not to be a fan. I wanted to scream and wave and freak, but instead i stood there, possibly smiling and being extremely subdued... inside the fan fireworks were going off in a big way.

After a few minutes, my worries seemed to take a back seat. It was all so composed and Bertie was lovely. We talked a bit about her new album, where we all came from and the blog she had been recording since the beginning of her stay at the hotel.
i found myself glancing around the room during the conversation.
There were delectable, little tea-cups set at the table, a variety of musical instruments strewn thoughtfully around the room, quirky, plush creatures, books, sketches and an interesting and varied, selection of art prints. Not to mention a rad glass skull head jar. ;)
After awhile we drank our tea, then champagne. We recorded the blog with Bertie which turned out to be soooo in-sync with my taste it was too funny.

Here is the video we recorded during our visit.

The rest of the evening was quite amazing too. We had a FREE dinner at this swish, italian restaurant called CLASSICO, which meant more champagne. (UH OH)
Feeling rather tiddly after dinner, avoiding more rain and then quickly getting on the bus with Bertie and Co to arrive at the Forum Theater to see the v.talented, Kimbra.

Highlights included: (with pictures:D)

-Lys trying to paint her nails on the bus, practically in the dark. LOL

-KIMBRA in general;

-The surprise performance by Sparkadia, "MAAAAARRRRYYYY, i don't know what to doooo" HAHA!!
-Waking around the Forum with Bertie and co and meeting some her band;
-Getting a bit sloshed and knowing that we had a return transport back to the hotel;
-Having tequila shots at the (somewhat) private bar upstairs at the Forum;
-Going to Cherry bar on Halloween-eve;
-Seeing all the crazy folk at the Cherry bar - including Marylin Manson look-alikes, trannies in gum boots and an assortment of strange characters in wigs and nylons.

(sourced from

-Walking around after the show and seeing more of Melbourne;
-Having Chinese at 1am and eating yummy fried ice cream!!
- Bertie's generosity and general loveliness the entire evening!! :)

The next morning was extremely BLEEEHH, but was topped with the yummiest french toast and omlette at a fancy, french restaurant...another part of the prize!!
And then back on the plane and home again!! whew!!

I had such a wonderful time. I didn't think it was possible to have a good birthday celebration without something fucking up but i think i just experienced something marvelous beyond words or feeling. i feel so incredibly lucky and i seriously will remember that weekend forever.


(all photos by me. ..unless stated otherwise)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bertie and Sarah and Clare OH MY

I have been meaning to write for several days now but I have been extremely busy for a change. I have had some delightful things occur in the last week or so and i am so happy to share them with you. I have to say I am feeling really humbled by it all.

The most recent, (and the most exciting thus far) is winning a trip to Melbourne to meet Miss Bertie Blackman. !! :0 :0 :0
She even made a video of what the prize was...

I haven't been to Victoria since I was nine so I am very much looking forward to it (not to mention that i absolutely ADORE Bertie's music and was so very inspired after seeing her in August '09.) Another AHHHMAZING thing about it is seeing Little Red and Kimbra (my new favourite) ...Copy and Paste in new window!!
at the Forum5 theater tomorrow night!! Drool worthy much?!!!

I will definitely keep you posted about what goes down in Melbourne. I have been so excited today there are times where i have forgotten to breathe. HA HA.

Another LOVELY occurrence was winning the YOUR PART competition to meet the WONDEFUL Miss Clare Bowditch last Friday at the NLC in Newcastle. I was terribly nervous about it all but quite honestly, there was nothing to be worried about. i thought she would be nice, but she exceeded all my expectations, above and beyond. Clare was (and is) such a beautiful heart and she was so incredibly kind. After meeting her and her charming band members I was on cloud nine...and it made me love her and her music so much more. She was so incredibly genuine and down to earth. I feel so so lucky to have had that experience.
Here is a pic of her and I before the show...i think i was sweating profusely at this moment...i was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Anooooother (tremendously) GOOD experience was going to Sarah Blasko's gig at good ol' Tamworth Capitol theater. I was introduced the creative whimsy of Seja as well as witnessing one of the most moving performances by Miss Blasko herself.

I will add some more pics later but here are some I managed to take before some lady started harassing me about taking photos with flash.

Well I am off to pack for my next musical adventure. ;)

I am reaching a total new level of nerves right now but i think my current rush of adrenaline is over-taking every logical thought or feeling about this new-fangled experience. It is probably a good thing i have only known about winning the competition for a short time because I feel a bit overwhelmed with the excitement of it all. Let's see if I can actually sleep a wink tonight. !!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


...Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away.

Via Zeruda

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FEATURE: Falala Mele

My next blog feature is one of my best friend's blogs . ... introducing:

"This is how I do it. best of both worlds. half australian and half niuean (a little pretty island in the south pacific). love to sing n get pretty. big gurls can do it better."

- Taken from

Mele's blog is filled with beautiful photos of her friends and family, keeping readers up to date on her life and interests. Mele also posts pics of outfits that she has personally styled as well as clothing that she has designed and hand sewn herself!!

For more of this v.talented ladeeeey, visit her blog:

Monday, October 4, 2010

FEATURE: MessyCarla

I have just finished updating my new blog list. There are some really GREEEAAATT blogs out there, particularly fashion ones...i spend waaay too much of my time sifting through them and visiting corresponding web pages.


I thought I might dedicate a post or two to some blogs that I have been following for the last few months.

This feature is about the one and only 'Messy Carla'

Messy Carla - Fashion blog in a size 16

From one red head to another;

I thought Messy Carla would be a perfect first feature because it is one of the first blogs I followed when I stumbled upon this crazy, bloggin' scene.

Carla reviews the most loveliest of things - everything from hair products to footwear...and posts pics of cute accessories and clothes from a range of different online stores; including ASOS, River Island, Topshop and New Look.
She also regularly posts pics of her own purchases as well as her very own outfit posts.

This is ideal for me because after shopping in London last year I have been (a tad bit) addicted to European online shopping, sooooo it is wonderful to be able to visit Carla's page and see all the newest products and clothing available in the U.K.

Also, I can not express how GREAT it is to see a blog promoting something larger than a size 10. ..!! :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010


(please click image below to see in FULL-VIEW)


hello. ..

i do like a bit of online shopping from time to time.. .
Actually, truth be told, this year it has kind of turned into my weakness.
After moving to a semi-isolated country town I have spent quite some time shopping online as a way to compensate my distance from civilization.
At first, it was kind of harmless fun...sort of a gimmick...looking through pages of clothes and pretty things and then logging off and walking away. Easy.
I started thinking about the things I had seen.
Patent Doc Martens.!!Subtitled stripe tee.!!American Apparel cardigan.!! I couldn't stop. I was shamefully addicted.
With this realization came more urges.
I would start reasoning with myself;
"Maybe if i just buy that one's only 30 bucks...on sale too. But I will definitely need that blazer to wear with it...oh, and that trilby hat...45 bucks...but it's transitional-season."

These sporadic purchases ended up leaving quite a large and substantial hole in my pocket which, in time made me realize that this 'little habit' was potentially dangerous for a girl who still doesn't have regular paychecks.

So I decided that, rather than going completely cold turkey I would put my efforts into a clothing-ensemble-style-wishlist. I had seen such posts on an AHHHmmMAZIiiinngly GOOD fashion blog belonging to none other than, the fabulous MESSYCARLA. (

Basically, my plan is to put my energy into something creative, i.e; this blog...and hopefully warn off all temptations to shop online.

I really hate that i have spent a whole post talking about probably makes me sound like some stuck up, airhead who has nothing interesting to say besides raving about the new polka dot, boob tube in the store window of Supre.

With that said, here is my first wishlist look. I am a big fan of all things Rockabilly...(I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have stemmed from an obsession of the Crybaby movie starring Ricki Lake and Johnny 'dreamboat' Depp.)

(Note: I do not claim to own any of the following images.)

(Please click image below to see FULL-VIEW)

Sourced from:,,

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been a bit cranky. I was conversing with a friend of mine about blogs and writing and suddenly remembered that I have one. I also recalled a particular promise that I had made that required me to write something new every day. It is quite heart-rending to see that I have, in fact, only written 18, measly entries…peh!! 18 posts is hardly a methodical collection of my thoughts and ramblings. Siiiighhhh. I really hoped that this would be the year that I would have intensely recorded all of my outlandish and indiscriminate contemplations of life.

In other news;

- I re-watched ‘Chocolat’…I am pretty much in love with that movie. (Johnny Depp….Swoooooon) It's up there with Crybaby and Edward Scissorhands...and that is saying something.

I saw (at least half) of the Biennale. Loved exploring Cockatoo Island and the free ferry ride on the harbour….but I do not think the exhibition was up to the standard of last years. I was too busy missing the controversy of Mike Parr’s anthology and the intrigue of Yoko Ono’s work “Telephone” (A phone that would randomly start ringing during one day of the exhibition. The lucky recipient would get to ask Yoko a question of their choice. How I wished that were me. I think I purposely hung around that artwork for an extra half an hour just in case so I could make an easy dive for the receiver.)

Highlights of the exhibition this year, however, were works by Bill Viola, Yayoi Kusuma (any exhibit is good if she is involved as far as I am concerned) Jota Castro, AES+F, Jake and Dinos Chapman (Charming sculptures made entirely out of cardboard) Annie Pootoogook and Penny Siopis (Amazing textural, feast using liquid paint and viscous glue in flesh-inspired tones.)

NAAAAWWWW... some recent pics.

(click to view full size)

My friends drove all the way from college to see me out in the sticks, A.K.A; my semi-isolated, country house. My friends (Jenny, Jade and Pulu) are really quite lovely people. We were quite busy during their visit. ...
Lots of booze, playstation, adventures, butterflies, mud, sleeping, exploring, eating, dancing on the lawn to shameful-pop music, more booze and the best home made curry I have had in a long time.

I cannot fathom my incessant adoration for the new Operator Please album.
I like it a lot. It is called Gloves and it reminds me of Culture Club mixed with La Roux and Kate Nash.

Friday, June 11, 2010

things i learnt in Paris, France.

(click to view full size)

things i learnt in Paris, France.

- Never have midnight conversations with sleazy concierges after smoking a hookah. They may insult you by (basically) calling you a "gothic sewer rat" and then proceed to harass you about the colour of your panties.

Note: When entering hookah bar, casually check for some evidence of license...cops may or may not raid the place in the middle of your session.
Also, never drop hot, ouchie thing that keeps hookah burning, on foot. Parisian woman (who was in fact, indian) gets extremely angry.

- Do not go to Mardi Gras or "Gay Pride" AFTER the parade has finished. (by all means, go to is so worth it. Completely different to Sydney Mardi Gras. ...more legal nakedness with less shame. More used condoms and random pieces of apparel lying around. Crazier costumes.. nuts it made Lady Gaga look plain-jane. ...just beware post parade festivities...even if it is twilight (In the summer, it doesn't get dark till about 10:30-11pm at night) it is likely that creepy men (and women) will appear from the shadows as soon as the sun starts going down. I went with 6 other people and i think we were followed at by a dozen individuals, at the short span of an hour. Also, so not try and draw attention to your self with what you are wearing. ..i chose a very loud red and white polka dot dress. ..50s cut.. and a kid on a bike nearly had a heart attack. I have no idea what he was saying at first, but he just kept on riding along with a shocked expression calling out MINNIE MOUSE!!MINNIE MOUSE!!
what a kid that age was doing on a bike in the middle of mardi gras, i will never know.
Another outfit-causing incident was when a lady with a buzzcut and a lit cigarette decided it would be funny to explore what was under my skirt. Needless to say, i got the shock of my life and was quite flustered by the ordeal... . meanwhile, her gang of gangly-looking friends sat there in a hilarious uproar at the sight of my 'tres grande derriere.'

- Take hardly any clothes to Paris. Then you can take full advantage of having a close to empty suitcase and fill it with AHHHMAAAZZZIIINNGG clothes (and shoes. ..and bags. ...and accessories) from Paris boutiques! !! Seriously. Take two outfits.. and buy everything else. .

- Take chances. ..Talk to Strangers.
You just might end up an elf convention that is conveniently down a cul-de-sac-la-rue. ..which is just a mere jumpskipandahop from where you are staying. There you will watch people sword fighting in a side alley way, friendly bar wenches and a delightful display of colourful folk sporting the latest fashions from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you find yourself repeating this experience you may even find yourself waking up in the early hours to the sounds of people weeping on a street corner about the death of the king of pop.

i did.. .

(Even though it was a terrible tragedy there was some good that came out it. Like, every single night club played countless remixes of his songs. ..GOOD ONES.)

- If you get to go clubbing in Paris take very little with you. .. Dance everywhere you are not meant to - the French do not like it .. ..but the expressions on their faces is worth it. In fact, one evening we were just about the only people in the place who got up and danced (still thoroughly enjoying the MJ dedications) .. . we thought we were sooo lucky. ...we had this incredible dancefloor space, the lights were flashing and people's eyes were on us. ...maybe the french did not like to dance after all, maybe they are not as gutsy as Australians, maybe they need need some inspiration or a few drinks. ...ah no, the dance floor was down stairs in creepy sweat-pit basement. we were dancing in the drinking lounge.

fucking brillant.

Also, befriend cute/metro DJ so he will keep playing MJ anthology and smiling and leaving gaps in the music for you and your friends to sing (or shout) drunken,lyrics loudly into microphone.

- Do go to small yet trendy, night spots in Bastille just so you can say you tasted delicious mint shots for 3 euro.

- Did i mention SHOP.? brogues. BROGUES. BROGUES. BROGUES. ...and mary janes.

- Drool over freshly imported garments from Japan and pop culture paraphernalia.

- Go to Monmarte. STAY THERE.
and never ever leave.
Gush over Amelie locations, avoid shifty African, bracelet makers and fall in love with everything else. (especially talented buskers. make up stories about them. ...about their secret, love affairs and their oversized shoes. then, stalk them a little bit.)

- Do NOT go to Maccas in Paris if you have chronic diarrhea - it will NOT "clog you up" nor will it 'take your mind off the pain in your stomach"
On the contrary, actually.
One bite of a royal cheese and the consumption of some strange caramel, yogurt beverage equals throwing up in the middle of a Parisian park surrounded by onlookers.
Thank Gawd the Maccas bags are JUMBO. ...perfect for hiding entire head in for post-shame and of course, ideal sick bag.

If you ARE feeling well however, have a beer with your happy meal. ..just because you can. it's a pretty sweet feeling to order alcohol in a restaurant full of children under the age of 10.

- Drink as much alcohol as you can. You pretty much can anywhere, anytime.
Some of the French may find it uncouth. ..but hey, you are in Paris. ..where else can you stand on the street eating a baguette, drinking vodka and smoke a cigarette and fit in perfectly with the locals? ??

- Do not buy a reasonable sized Smirnoff for 4 euros thinking it is "such a great deal" and then realise not much more than a mixer that tastes like dirty, dishwashing water.

DO go to Fran Prix . is the equvilent to IGA in Australia. ..and it is a rather fantastic experience to be had. It is like a museum of weird packaged food.
The snack food is so crazy ... .chips that taste like peanuts, strange cheesy cones, not a litre of milk to be found and no single chocolate bars...must be bought in bulk!!
Only in France.

- Eat at restaurants. Steal FREE things. ...especially mini tubs of nutella. nutella is everywhere.Literally.
If you do decide to steal a croissant make sure you wrap it up securely before you end up with a pastry party in your handbag.

- Do go to incredible take away called "quality burger."
(huge highlight when hunger attacked)
Interestingly, just about the only place in Bastille that sold a milkshake.

- Try and get a hotel room that over looks out onto street. (The French are soooo interesting to watch!!) You may even spot a group of disheveled drunks (that you give names to, like Harold) that like to sit outside frozen food stores (yes, they just sell frozen food) or find an old lady who lives adjacent to your building to wave at and to generally spy on at all hours of the day and a man who likes to rub himself continuously on a large, concrete pole while talking on the phone. (??)

- Finally, Keep a look out for French talent. YUUM

If you keep alert it is pretty much guaranteed that you will see at least 7 overly, good looking people each day. ...the kind of good looking that you would jump into bed with an instant, no questions asked.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

hello, you.

SECOND attempt at managing and (owning) a blog.

I imagine, that you, reader person

are thinking about a number of things right now.

ANNND, furthermore; I believe that at this particular stage of your blog-reading experience,
I am quite sure you are in need of some kind of reassurance.

You need/want to know whether this blog is worth your eyes bouncing back and forth inside your head for a considerable amount of time.

i have no idea whether what i choose to waffle on about will be of any interest to you at all. To be honest, some of my interests are as shallow as a kiddie's paddling pool. ..and because i do not relish in 'baring one's soul' on any type of social-networking-cyberspace...i am afraid, at times, shallow is might all you will get.

but, however

if you have a fondness for arty things, glossy magazines, collared shirts, big hair, nerd spectacles, chai tea, bows, boots, lomography, liquid eyeliner and peppermint ice-cream. ....we could be very good friends indeed.

Nice to meet you.