Friday, November 5, 2010



last saturday was (most likely) my favourite day of 2010.

But the story actually begins on Friday. ..

I woke up at 6:34 to my shrill-like alarm...( i know this because i never set my alarm for right on 6:30..i like to think i have those few extra minutes for slumbering purposes.) I reluctantly got ready for another day at the local high-school (where i work 2.5 days a week) and sat down at my dresser (also doubling as my computer desk) and switched on my computer. 7.45. Damn. I have to leave soon. Oh well, five more minutes. Facebook. American Apparel. Facebook. Should I check my emails?? 8:05. Shit. I'm going to be late. Gmail. Spam. Crap. Spam.. ..WAIT. What is this?!! Art series group?!! I've WON what?!!

I"VE FUCKING WON...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i was dancing around my bedroom, half dressed, making high-pitched squeals that could be compared to that of a deranged piglet, when a serious thought occurred to me.
WAIT. The email said Saturday. THIS SATURDAY. .............T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W. !!

Oh God.

During the next five minutes i thought up a rather convincing, mental list of all the reasons why i simply could not go on the impromptu adventure.
And then; like as if i had been programmed by some fate-driven, robotic apparition from the future ...i started dialing a number.

.......Sange? It's Emma. I can't believe it, but i think I'm coming to see you tomorrow.

So that was it. i was going.
I asked my friend Alyssa in a moment of complete spontaneity to come along and she straight-forwardly, obliged.

Off to Melbourne the next day, early flight..(8:30...eek!!) and arrived all wide-eyed (and a bit off the planet) yet ready for the exciting day to unfold. :)

Soon after we arrived we were met by my extremely LOVELY friend Sange and her bf, Feb.

We drove to the city, chatting and feeding off an indescribable energy that seemed to be surging through us all simultaneously.

So we wandered down a few streets and then found ourselves at this adorable, European-esque, lane-way that resembled something from a independent, french film.
We had lunch and chatted and had ourselves a glorious time. However, i could not help the small, niggling feeling that made it difficult to contain my anticipation about the next few hours.

After lunch, the rain was well and truly pouring, but we still managed to get a quick look at the city and some of the shops. It was all a bit drool-worthy, really.
We checked out the new Stella McCartney range at Target, it was apparently supposed to be a big deal, but i was a little bit appalled at the un-ignorable, mass-produced aspect to the whole set up. It was frankly a bit disappointing. Next, we went to Dangerfield and Sportsgirl, and then Sange showed us her favourite, japanese shop, Pink. There were so many things I could have splurged on, it was a bit unbelievable...but i implemented my self-control and just bought some earrings.
The rest of the time was spent taking photos of graffiti and advising Lys not to buy some plastic, novelty (yet hilarious) fruit, key-chains. LOL.

Two o'clock rolled around, which meant checking into the hotel.
We drove to St Kilda in the bucketing down rain, and finally found the place thanks to Feb's handy GPS. We got out of the car and nearly drowned!! It had been raining so much and the water in the gutter was past my ankle and now I had my very own puddle in the bottom of my doc marten. We had to leap across a large pool of water to get to the right side of the road. We got across with a few strategic strides and bounded up the stairs into the entrance way of the hotel. I was overwhelmed with happiness by just the entrance way. The Foyer wall was filled with an array of Charles Blackman works.
I could have stood there all day looking at them. AHHHHMAZING.

We got to our room and nearly died. It was beautiful. The whole place was.
It was so new and sooooo pretty. It was roughly themed around Alice in Wonderland (a collection of works done by Blackman in the 50's.) There were adorable details all around the hotel, perspex rabbits on the skirting boards, throne-like chairs, an etched alice on our glass, bathroom door, and a melting coat rack.

Then we took some more photos in our room and said our goodbyes to Sange and Feb.
We spent the next hour in our fabulous room and got ready to meet Bertie.
I was slightly shitting myself. HAHA.

At 5pm, we went down to meet Liz (one of the Art Series Repz) and she was incredibly nice. We then went back upstairs to meet Bertie in her own room. We stood in the hall way for a few minutes and we heard some music coming from inside.
When she opened the door I tried so hard not to be a fan. I wanted to scream and wave and freak, but instead i stood there, possibly smiling and being extremely subdued... inside the fan fireworks were going off in a big way.

After a few minutes, my worries seemed to take a back seat. It was all so composed and Bertie was lovely. We talked a bit about her new album, where we all came from and the blog she had been recording since the beginning of her stay at the hotel.
i found myself glancing around the room during the conversation.
There were delectable, little tea-cups set at the table, a variety of musical instruments strewn thoughtfully around the room, quirky, plush creatures, books, sketches and an interesting and varied, selection of art prints. Not to mention a rad glass skull head jar. ;)
After awhile we drank our tea, then champagne. We recorded the blog with Bertie which turned out to be soooo in-sync with my taste it was too funny.

Here is the video we recorded during our visit.

The rest of the evening was quite amazing too. We had a FREE dinner at this swish, italian restaurant called CLASSICO, which meant more champagne. (UH OH)
Feeling rather tiddly after dinner, avoiding more rain and then quickly getting on the bus with Bertie and Co to arrive at the Forum Theater to see the v.talented, Kimbra.

Highlights included: (with pictures:D)

-Lys trying to paint her nails on the bus, practically in the dark. LOL

-KIMBRA in general;

-The surprise performance by Sparkadia, "MAAAAARRRRYYYY, i don't know what to doooo" HAHA!!
-Waking around the Forum with Bertie and co and meeting some her band;
-Getting a bit sloshed and knowing that we had a return transport back to the hotel;
-Having tequila shots at the (somewhat) private bar upstairs at the Forum;
-Going to Cherry bar on Halloween-eve;
-Seeing all the crazy folk at the Cherry bar - including Marylin Manson look-alikes, trannies in gum boots and an assortment of strange characters in wigs and nylons.

(sourced from

-Walking around after the show and seeing more of Melbourne;
-Having Chinese at 1am and eating yummy fried ice cream!!
- Bertie's generosity and general loveliness the entire evening!! :)

The next morning was extremely BLEEEHH, but was topped with the yummiest french toast and omlette at a fancy, french restaurant...another part of the prize!!
And then back on the plane and home again!! whew!!

I had such a wonderful time. I didn't think it was possible to have a good birthday celebration without something fucking up but i think i just experienced something marvelous beyond words or feeling. i feel so incredibly lucky and i seriously will remember that weekend forever.


(all photos by me. ..unless stated otherwise)

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  1. makes me so happy to read Im sick and feeling like SHITTTT atm.... reading this made me forget a lil.... <3 u.... miss you sis <3