Sunday, April 4, 2010

hello, you.

SECOND attempt at managing and (owning) a blog.

I imagine, that you, reader person

are thinking about a number of things right now.

ANNND, furthermore; I believe that at this particular stage of your blog-reading experience,
I am quite sure you are in need of some kind of reassurance.

You need/want to know whether this blog is worth your eyes bouncing back and forth inside your head for a considerable amount of time.

i have no idea whether what i choose to waffle on about will be of any interest to you at all. To be honest, some of my interests are as shallow as a kiddie's paddling pool. ..and because i do not relish in 'baring one's soul' on any type of social-networking-cyberspace...i am afraid, at times, shallow is might all you will get.

but, however

if you have a fondness for arty things, glossy magazines, collared shirts, big hair, nerd spectacles, chai tea, bows, boots, lomography, liquid eyeliner and peppermint ice-cream. ....we could be very good friends indeed.

Nice to meet you.